Are you my new PR assistant?

So guys, Cille Veje Oplevelsesdesign is back in business after I have been at maternity leave for a periode and I am so happy to share, that my business is doing quite well, so I am expanding and hiring. Therefore I am looking for a PR assistant, that wants to work with the finest client in town, helping me create some beautiful wholehearted PR strategies.

What is Cille Veje Oplevelsesdesign & who is Cille?

Cille Veje Oplevelsesdesign is a PR & creative consultancy est. 2014, specialized in experience economy, life & business coaching, 360 PR strategies & creating wholehearted brands. After working corporate for several years I created Cille Veje Oplevelsesdesign because of my love for working with many different projects, but mostly because of my passion for channeling my energy and my ideas into passion brands and making them reach their potential. I love building brands and seeing them fly.

I also created Cille Veje Oplevelsesdesign because I wanted a work life with space for being a mom, a wife and a friend. I want space for my family, for nursing my creativity and for having the time to be nerdy with all my passion projects - which is exactly why I need you.

Who are you?

This is a student or a freelancer job, meaning it´s a job where you are working 2 hours a week, sometimes more regarding on which projects we are working on. You can work from home or together with me, but it is important for me you are able to work alone and deliver to deadlines.

You have an understanding of working with PR and branding and are good at communicating in English and especially in writing in English. Furthermore you are skilled in SoMe like Instagram & Facebook and you know how to work in Mailchimp and set up a newsletter. Your primary task will be to make newsletters, blog posts, SoMe stories and assisting me on events.

As a person you are openminded, loving, dedicated, funny and honest. You believe that the glass is half full (not half empty) and are able to find a plan b, when plan a isn´t working out. Most of all, you believe life and work is about having fun!

Where to apply?

  • Please send me your application and cv on

  • Deadline: 14.10.19

  • Start: November 2019